List of FAQs:

Input provided upon the request of PRACE on community access by the Ad hoc committee

The Lattice Field Theory community in Europe is comprised of several collaborations, as well as smaller groups. Together they are part of an international research effort, and many of the larger collaborations have participating researchers from outside Europe. Major collaborations are ALPHA, BMW, CLS, ETMC, HotQCD, QCDSF, and UKQCD, each with its own simulation and analysis codes. The community has a long history in working together in coordinated, EU funded research programs. The first such program was the European Community Network “Computational Particle Physics” (1993-1997). Currently members of the Lattice QCD community coordinate the European Network for Particle Physics, Lattice Field Theory and Extreme Computing (EurPLEx), and participate in a number of EU projects, including STRONG-2020 funded under the European Integrating Activity for Advanced Community initiative.

Representatives of all the aforementioned collaborations and selected groups have been contacted and a consensus has been reached to establish a five-member working group to respond to the request for input by PRACE, consisting of C. Alexandrou (Cyprus), L. Del Debbio (UK), F. Karsch (Germany), S. Ryan (Ireland) and H. Wittig (Germany).

How to become a member of EuroLat

EuroLat is an association open to any researcher in Lattice Field Theory working at an Euro-based institution or collaboration. If you belong to the above category and you want to join EuroLat, please complete this form. We will also add you to our Mailing List.

If you are the coordinator of a research group in a European institution, or you are the spokeperson of a Euro-based collaboration (i.e. involving European institutions), after compleating the above-mentioned form, please, send an email to eurolat@googlegroups.com to be added to the EuroLat board members.

What is lqcd.eu

LQCD.eu is a tentative webpage helping to create European Lattice Field theory association and it is supported by the EuroLat association. The complete website is currently under construction. For seeing the latest version please check https://eurolat.readthedocs.io/en/latest/.

The website is meant to advertise events, research activities, results, projects and job opportunities of the European Lattice Field Theory community. If you have any content of this kind you want to advertise on the website, please read How to add content to the website.